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We don't follow trends. Our formulas use clinically validated, efficacious ingredients
Every ingredient is manufactured in the United Stated under the most strict cGMP quality control guidelines to ensure its purity and effectiveness.
We are driven by the discovery of formulas and solutions that empower and improve quality of life
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Made from the highest quality ingredients.
We don't cut corners when it comes to choosing our ingredients. There's a vast difference in efficacy between a low quality herb powder versus a superior extract that delivers results. When you use The Youthful Company products, you can be confident you're getting the very best ingredients available.
A younger,
healthier brain.
Youthful Brain is our best seller for good reason -- this product delivers amazing results! Find out why our brain support product is so amazing.
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Youthful Sleep Bottle

Youthful Sleep

Innovative formula for improved sleep quality and next-day function


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Youthful Brain Bottle

Youthful Brain

Scientifically-formulated brain health support for improved performance


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Essential Sunshine Bottle

Essential Sunshine

High-quality vitamin D and vitamin K in a convenient chewable tablet


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Ancient Relief Bottle

Ancient Relief

Premium formula for joint mobility, flexibility, and overall comfort


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What makes us different?
Scientifically Formulated
Scientifically Formulated
Our products are formulated with meticulous care, based on scientific research and synergistic blends of ingredients that make each other work better, resulting in the best efficacy.
Quality Guaranteed
Quality Guaranteed
We only use the highest quality ingredients manufactured under the strictest cGMP quality guidelines. Every raw material is tested to ensure its purity and potency.
100% American
100% American
We believe in the American Dream. Our mission is to save and create American jobs, especially in manufacturing. Our products are 100% manufactured in the USA.
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Important News About Our Transition
# Vitality Now is now The Youthful Company By now, you’ve noticed that many changes have taken place in our company
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These 10 Prescription Drugs Could Shrink Your Brain (AVOID)
The drugs that are being prescribed to you may be robbing you of your memory
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When we talk about memory, it usually refers to a significant event that we can recall even years later
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Babysitting Your Grandchildren Could Lower Risk for Forgetfulness
As a grandparent, you get all the joys and pleasures of being a parent without the pressure of having to crack the whip, call the shots and make the tough decisions on bedtimes and weekly allowance